Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sawn/Pierced Work


One nice thing about pierced work is, is it can be done with minimal tools. I like the origami-like simplicity of it. Above is a piece of nickel silver cut into the shape of a llama.  I did it for student(4th grade) who made me a pic of a llama and I thought I should pay her back.  For the last couple of years, I had a 4th period study hall and could sit at a desk and saw these out. I've done a lot of cats and cute stuff. 

You can see the drawing she sent me and you can see the piece before I buffed it to a high shine.  Since the recipient was a 4th grade girl, I figured a bright, shiny look would be prefered. 

This is another one I did for a student.  I did the drawing from a popular game called Zelda.  Originally drawn by a Japanese guy by the name of Shigeru Miyamoto.  We study the guy for a day or so in 7th grade art class. The scene I took it from, at a student's suggestion,  looked like a "Sword in the Stone" borrow. This was done on a thick-ish(close to 1mm) piece of scrap aluminum. Aluminum is cheap, usually available as scrap, and cuts easy, albeit a bit gummy. I'd like to learn how to anodize aluminum, but have not spent the time/money yet to learn. 

I did a couple of these dragons, again, for students.  This one is based on a drawing done by a student.  

This one is done from a pic of Mt. Whitney.  I took the pic many years ago when I was on a motorcycle trip. I bolted a piece of heat altered titanium behind the cut out nickel silver to give it a sky. Same thing for the dragon above. 

The two above are again, taken from student drawings.  We were doing a project involving the images of Egypt, and I did a pendant for one of the student drawings.  I wish I would have taken a pic of the drawing.  It was 12"x 18, and student  did real well on the drawing. 


The ones above are ripped from Egyptian imagery.  I added a moonstone to one of them.   I tried to engrave some lines, which came out ok, but I need to do a bit better. 

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