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I do photo etching.  I take other peoples' drawings and my own and convert them into small metal pins, pendants, plaques, or whatever.  

There are lots of variables, but generally somebody sends me a drawing and I do all the necessary photo and metal work to convert it into something  they want. It makes a nice gift and I have done work for other artists so they can sell jewelry based upon their own imagery.  Generally the whole process, with shipping, come to $35.00 for the first piece and $15.00 for the second piece, if you need more, we can talk.

Being an art teacher, I've taken quite a few student drawings and made them/photo-etched them into various objects.  The drawing above was done by my niece Rachel when she was in junior hi that is a little over 12 inches tall.

This is a close up of the pin I made from Rachel's drawing. Nice, wearable, pin.


The drawing above was done by a a two year old that her mom sent me.  I think she took the picture with a cellphone. I prefer a little better image, but the reason  I'm posting this is because it shows what can be done.  Being based upon the child's drawing, it's a great gift for a family member.  

Below are some of the pieces I made based upon the image. Lots of options are available

This one is for hanging on a key chain, but it could also be strung for a necklace. They get pretty scratched up hanging on a key chain, but still retain the image and have a nice, well-worn look after a while.    

Stone cost is hard to estimate until I know the size and the type of stone desired.  The one above is an inexpensive amethyst I had in stock, so it only added $20.00 to the cost. 

Here I reversed the image and etched the back ground to give it a little different look. I sometimes do this if I think it will work better aesthetically, judgement call, really. 

This is another young child's drawn image I photo etched into metal.  Great looking butterfly, and a great gift for her grandma, as I recall.

Here's how it works:

1. You send me an image and give me an approximate size and idea as to what you want; pin, pendant, etc.  The best way is to actually send me the actual drawing, smaller is generally better than bigger.  If you have a certain size you'd like for the image,  shrink or enlarge it to the size you want and then send it.  Or just snap a picture or scan it.   

2. I get the image and we e-mail once or twice as to any details that you are concerned about.

3. You pay me $35.00 for the first one by clicking the Pay-pal button. This includes all the necessary work        and shipping for one etched item.  I put them in a nice cloth gift bag.  You should not have to wrap it, unless you just like that sort of thing.   

4.  I generally get it done within a week or so.  I say or "so" because it's usually more cost effective and you sometimes get an extra one if I'm doing other etched work at the same time.  If it's a rush job, you need to e-mail me and I can say yes or no as to weather I can complete it in the required time.  It does not cost anymore for this,  just let me know.   

If you have any questions, or if the check out experience is not perfect in any way, just e-mail me at:

Thanks for reading and shopping!


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