The pins above and below are based upon and drawn from cycladic goddess imagery.  I've always  appreciated the strength and message of  imagery and have really enjoyed drawing the goddesses and making them into pins and pendants. I like to place them in space and surround them with various positive symbols and images I find interesting.  I draw them in pen and ink and sometimes scratch board and then use the photo-silkscreen, etching, and metal working process to realize the final piece.  They're fun to do.

    I usually have them in small and large sizes, nickel silver, copper, or brass.  Even though the posted picture might be a pin or a pendant, I can make them either way, just let me know. Shipping and a small cloth gift bag is included in the price.   I'm still working on my photo skills, they all look better in real life.

   This goddess image(#1) is based upon a sculpture I was drawing, from a book on Cycladic art.  First I did it in pencil-pen, then scratchboard, with a needle and a small screwdriver.  I'd like to post the original scratch board, but I can't seem to locate it,  it was a real battle zone of scraping, scratching, and white paint. Then I did the necessary photo silk screen, etching and metal work.  It's pictured as a small(about the height of two dimes) pin, but it can also be a pendant and bigger.  It's also pictured in brass but it can be nickel silver, brass, or copper.  Just let me know.

    Another sculpture I drew.  I really don't know why I find them so captivating. Some sort of universal appeal, Maybe Jung would have an idea as to the why. I don't know.   Looking at the picture above I really need to do another photo, but for right now, you get the idea. (#2)  


    This one(#3) is unusual in the respect that the original pottery I drew the image from made the hair look 'kinda woven, stacked up, or done up, in corn rows. I don't believe that is a regularly occurring image in Cycladic art. The abbreviated arms and iconic imagery really struck me.

   This is a page of the original(I think) small drawings I pasted onto a sheet of paper.  I had it scanned in and thought it might be of interest.  I worked quick and crude; pencil, pen, marker, and brush,  although the posted pictures don't look that way, they look ok.

   More goddesses are always on the way.  Nickel silver, copper, brass, big, small, pin or pendant, just let me know.  Just place your order and let me know, miketayse@gmail.com. They all come with shipping and a small cloth gift bag included in the price.

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