Friday, April 27, 2012

Death to Vermin

Someone gave me this image, copied from some old insect/rodent poison canister.  I like the crude nature of it and the incredibly appropriate nature of the message.  Bad boss, politicians,  relationship, or whatever, "Death to Vermin" really 'kinda covers it all pretty well.  I have one on my briefcase.

I also made this into shirts.  I silk screened red ink onto black t shirts, it looked good, I don't think I have anymore of those left. Which is weird, because I sure I made over 3 dozen of them( I can remember the box) and that means a bunch of people bought them and are wearing them around.  They looked pretty crazed, as I recall.

I've resisted the urge to clean up the image, it looks good the way it is, I just photo copied it from the box of poison, and did the necessary photo etching work to make it happen on nickel silver. It's $20.00, shipping is included and it comes in a small gift bag.

If it's not a perfect checkout experience please let me know.

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